• Clinics and Surgeons that meet the standard

    Clinics and Surgeons that meet the standard

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    Are you considering laser eye surgery?

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Laser eye surgery and numerous Vision Correction procedures are liberating. These are surgical procedures that need to be performed in the correct environment, by well trained surgeons working to highly ethical standards. LaserVisionForum.com established by independent surgeons and advocates
of good practice is your resource for laser eye surgery and vision correction in
the UK.  

Laser eye surgery and vision correction are surgical procedures and patients deserve appropriate care and attention along with relevant information to make an informed choice and decision.  It is the view of LaserVisionForum that surgical procedures must be directed by professionals i.e.surgeons and conducted in the correct environment supported by well trained teams.  Sadly the procedures have been the subject of major commercialisation and have found their way into shopping centres with misleading advertising, price wars, competitions and false promises.  Laser eye surgery is not regulated.  Whilst the majority of procedures go well (it is generally a forgiving procedure), for a significant number there are problems that can have an adverse impact on their lives, livelihood and families.  These problems can be avoided if patients are the centre-point of care and where good selection and surgical planning takes place by responsible surgeons rather than "laser optometrists", "lens optometrists" etc.

Surgeons interested in promoting superb eye care wish to seize control of the provision of laser eye surgery  and vision correction.  The establishment of this site is one arm of their strategy.  This site advocates good practice and will only feature eye clinics and surgeons who demonstrate good practice broadly consistent with Standards set by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

The site provides information about vision correction procedures.  Additionally surgeons and clinics who meet the standard will be featured with the opportunity to read reviews by those who have had first hand experience.  There is also a Forum for discussion of topics.

In keeping with the values of the organizers, moderators and sponsors of this site, we ask that browsers and posters conduct themselves with decorum, avoiding overly emotive language and commentary.  Slanderous/libelous comments will not be tolerated.  Our goal is to provide independent information and we hope you find the site useful.

We wish to thank the ophthalmic industry for funding the site.  The industry provides us with the tools of our trade.  Our collaborative efforts result in phenomenal advances in technology and highly successful eye care.  We salute our colleagues in the ophthalmic industry.

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