Microscopic lenses specifically measured for each eye are implanted inside the eye and provide excellent visual results. The procedure has the advantage of being reversible in that nothing is removed.  ICL surgery is "additive" - much like a spectacle lens is worn on the face and a contact lens is placed on the eye, this is an even smaller lens that is placed within the eye.  


The implant is made by Staar and the correct term for ICL is actually the "Implantable Collamer Lens".   Collamer is the polymer material that the lens is made from and is compatible with the human eye.  
The Visian ICL procedure is a short 10 to 15 minute outpatient procedure.  Prior to the implantation of the lens, you will receive strong topical anaesthetic drops to minimize discomfort. Your surgeon makes a microincision to implant the lens.  The rolled up lens within a cartridge is placed in the eye and unfolded gently. The lens is then carefully positioned behind the iris and in the case of Astigmatic lenses, is rotated to the correct axis.
Visian ICL Bausch Alcon