REFRACTIVE lens exchange

This procedure is where the hard poorly functional lens inside the eye is removed and replaced with another lens measured specifically for the eye.

A hard lens cannot move and fine focus up close and is the reason why patients get the condition Presbyopia and require reading glasses.  The hard lens eventually becomes cloudy and interferes with vision and is then called a cataract.  Premium Laser Lens Exchange involves removal of the poorly functional hard lens and replacing this with an added value multifocal or accommodative lens.  Until recently multifocal lenses were in reality "Bi-focal" providing correction at near and distance.  Patients experienced problems with intermediate vision (computers and car dashboards). The introduction of trifocal lenses such as the FINEvision (Physiol) or Zeiss Trifocal  has addressed the problem of intermediate vision providing patients with complete independence from glasses and contact lenses.


This procedure involves entering the eye.  It is best performed by a specialist eye surgeon well versed with Cornea, refractive, cataract and anterior segment surgery.