Supracor LASIK

Reliable correction of both distance and near vision using lasers has been a challenge in the past.   Newer PresbyLASIK procedures are becoming available that reliably treat both distance and near vision reducing or eliminating the need for glasses altogether.


Supracor LASIK is derived from the procedure IntraCOR which was developed to alter corneal shape at the very centre of the cornea.  This resulted in a small area of increased power and patients obtained good near vision. Understanding the change in shape centrally, Supracor was developed by Technolas (now Bausch+Lomb Technolas) using the Excimer laser with treatment performed under a Lasik flap. 

Both eyes are treated similarly with both being able to see at all distances.  The cornea is shaped as a multifocal cornea and in doing so provides depth of focus.  

In Europe Supracor LASIK is available to those who are farsighted (Hyperopic).  Supracor for shortsight (myopia) will be CE marked in the very near future.




Will both eyes be the same?

Supracor provides similar vision in both eyes. Unlike Monovision / Blended vision where one eye is treated for distance and the other for near, this Laser eye surgery procedure treats both eyes so that both are able to see equally at all distances.

How does Supracor work?

This is a Lasik / Intralasik procedure where a corneal flap is created using the Intralase laser. The flap is lifted and the Bausch +Lomb Technolas laser is used to create a customised profile on the cornea. The profile has a small area in the centre of the cornea which is a little steeper and provides the near vision focus as well as an increase in asphericity which improves visual quality. In summary regain near vision along with the benefit of better quality vision at distance! 

Is the effect immediate? 

A dramatic difference is noted immediately in terms of near vision and all eyes see well enough to pass the DVLA standard for reading. To begin with the treatment does make patients a little shortsighted (-0.50D) and improves over the following weeks.. Distance vision continues to improve month by month and 20/25 vision is obtained in 74% at 3 months 96% at 6 months. (Multicentric CE marking study). 

How do I know if I am suitable? 

Suitability for treatment requires a thorough consultation with specific investigations including the degree of Presbyopia (requirement for reading glasses). The treatment is currently available for those who are farsighted (Hyperopic). Shortsighted treatments will be available in due course once CE marking has been obtained.

Can I be treated if I have previously had Laser eye surgery? 

This option is being evaluated and based on preliminary information should be possible. 

Do I need to do anything special after the procedure? 

Supracor LASIK is like all other LASIK procedures and the aftercare is the same.